This photo was taken last weekend when we got maybe 3 to 4 inches of snow.  This winter has been strange with very little snow.  The snow only lasted for a few days and then it all melted.  Laura was so excited that she even tried to shovel.  She only shoveled the steps before going off and playing in the snow.  She did get to go sledding with Thomas and his dad for an hour on Sunday while I was home with strep throat!

This week is “Catholic School Week” at Laura’s school which means it’s a whole week where there is not a lot of learning going on.   They do games and watch movies and have fun.  Maybe I should have gone to Catholic school!  Anyway, Friday is Crazy Hat Day so the kids have to make a crazy hat.  Last year, we made the much rushed flower hat.  This year, Laura wanted to make a balloon hat.  We came up with the idea and picked up the goods today.  The whole family helped to blow and tape the balloons on the hat.  Hopefully they won’t all deflate by Friday.  I can’t believe these actually stayed on with tape.