For part of Laura’s spring vacation (seriously, it’s 10 days because of a 3 day teacher’s conference), we drove down to see my dad.  Wednesday morning we started our trip at 6am so that we could meet my dad, his friends and the minister for lunch at Minado.  Laura and I got there early so we stopped off at a mall and hung out before going to the restaurant.  She rode the carousel for $2!

It was my mom’s 5th year memorial.  It’s shocking that so much time has gone by and how much I still miss her.  We went to her grave site and the minister had a small service for her.  It was freezing and we all huddled together but nice to be with my dad and his friends.  Afterwards, my dad and his friends came back to his condo for some Bingo.  They played for about 2 hours and Laura played with them.

For the next couple of days, I did some errands for my dad.  He wanted me to plant some flowers for his patio and I bought a rug for the dining room and a small patio table.

We also got a chance to visit my friend and her kids.  Laura hung out with Aaron while we watched Zoe play her first softball game.  Then we all had sushi for dinner at Cho Cho San.

On Saturday, Laura and I said goodbye to my dad and drove up to Brooklyn for Reggies’ baptism.

It was a fairly long service and Reggie made a few attempts to escape.

He shrieked when holy water was placed on his head.  LOL!  We then went for a late lunch at an Italian restaurant.  We took turns taking Reggie out and he spent hours just walking up and down this ramp.  Boys are weird.

We spent a few hours with my sister, Jimbo and the Reginator and then drove back to Boston late Saturday night.