We went down to the Cape to Chatham for a weekend trip.  Laura’s dad had a work meeting so we tagged along.  We stayed at the Chatham Bars Inn and this was the cottage that we stayed in.   It was called the Beach Plum.  This place was really amazing.

This was our view.

We arrived in the late afternoon on Friday.  It was a gorgeous week but the weekend turned cold and rainy.  It was already getting cold and overcast by the time we arrived so we walked around and explored our surrounding before the impending rain.  Of course I did not pack well and didn’t anticipate that it would be so cold.  I did the same thing for New Orleans!  I think subconsciously, I must be packing as if it will be warm and nice to force the weather to cooperate.  Why doesn’t that work?!

This is the main hotel.  The landscape was impeccable.

Saturday was a complete washout.  It was cold and rained all day.  Laura and I went to the main hotel and they had a little sharktooth necklace workshop.  I was hoping that it would kill some time but it took all of 10 minutes.

So on Saturday, after Laura made her necklace, we went to South Dennis which was the closest movie theater to Chatham and watched “The Avengers”.   Saturday night was a dinner function for Laura’s dad’s meeting.  It was a clam bake but held indoors because of the weather.  I managed to stuff myself with 2 giant lobsters.  Mmmmm. lobster.  I should have eaten 3.

On Sunday, the weather lightened up a little bit.  We had to check out by noon so Laura and I took a boat ride to the island just off the coast.  The dock did not go to the beach so we got soaked getting to the boat and the water was freezing.

We were the only ones on the island.  It was gorgeous, cold and very windy.  We walked along the edge of one side of the island and collected some shells.  We also saw some seals swimming in the water.

We had a great time. Hopefully we can come back when it’s hot and sunny!