I took Laura and a few of her friends to minigolf.  This was early June on a Sunday and it was hot!

They all had a good time and I got them ice cream afterwards.

Last week, friends of ours from Arizona came for a quick visit.  Adel and Juliet.  These girls got along right away with Laura and they were like the 3 muskateers running around and playing together.  They used to live near us when Laura was around 2 years old but moved away.

This is my small lemon tree.  I bought it 2 years ago and it doesn’t like living up here in the north.  I have to take it inside for the winter or it will die.   It struggles to survive during the cold winter and then grows like crazy in the summer.   This year, it finally flowered so I am excited to see if it will fruit.  The flowers smell so delicious like a perfume.

My baby is growing up so fast in front of my eyes.