My posts have been far and few between.  It’s probably because things are very mundane and I haven’t been taking many pictures lately.

For July 4th, Laura and I took a trip to see my dad for several days.  Reggie came down to join us for the day with his parents.  Reggie is getting big.  He still continues to open all the cabinets and drawers.   

We spent some time at the pool.

Reggie went home the next day.  We spent a couple more days with Hah dah buh gee including a trip to Outback and a visit with his friends.  Then on Saturday, we stayed overnight with Reggie at their new place.  We went to a little park down the street.

Laura got this pretty lollipop at a bubble tea place down the street.


Laura and I did not watch any fireworks on July 4th so I bought some sparklers and lit it in our back yard.  Whoohooo!