Last weekend, we joined Thomas’ family to some dim sum at China Pearl.  It has been a long time since I have had dim sum and everything was so good.  We scarfed down everything to complete fullness in 10 minutes.  Laura and Thomas ate very well.

On Friday, Laura finally had an appointment with the oral surgeon to extract her 2 bottom baby teeth.   Her adult teeth have already grown behind it and the baby teeth were not budging or wanting to come out.    Kinda like Laura when she was in the womb and 2 weeks late!  This is Laura getting some topical lidocaine.  Her father and I decided that she was not getting any Nitrous Oxide.  We told her to be brave and suck it up.

I couldn’t be in the room during the extraction but I didn’t hear any crying or screaming.  She did awesome and was very cooperative.  I was very proud of her.   You can see the adult teeth behind the holes.  

When we got home, I looked at the teeth.  Holy Cow!  the roots are huge!  No wonder they didn’t want to come out!