Before going to Philly, I picked some tomatoes from my garden.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I wish they tasted as good as they look.  It’s tomatoey tasting, somewhat acid with lots of seeds.  Not like Jersey tomatoes.  They must inject Jersey tomatoes with sugar or crack or something.  

We left on Thursday night and arrived late into New York to spend the night at Reggie’s.  The next morning, we said hello and goodbye!  We had breakfast and then made our trek to Philly.  It took 4 hours to get from NY to Philly due to Labor day traffic.  Ugh.

I craved Korean food so my dad took us to his favorite Korean restaurant.

Lovely Banchan.

My hot stone bowl of Bibimbop with carmelized rice from the bowl.  Yummy delicious.

Dad ate Bone Marrow soup.  Blech.

And Laura got cold noodle soup: Neng Myun.

We also took a trip to HMart and bought lots of crap.  Dad also got new glasses while Laura slurped on her disgusting Icee.

My grandmother bought this Hanbok for Laura.  It’s gorgeous so we did a little photo shoot.  She even did her own hair.

We also visited my mom’s grave after church on Sunday.  We brought some flowers that my sister left for us.  We miss you, mom.

On Monday, we went bowling with my dad’s bowling group.  We played for 2 hours and my wrist was killing me.  Laura had a good time but both of us played pretty badly.

The rest of our time in Philly was a washout.  Tropical storm Isaac made a visit with ongoing rain for the next few days so there was a lot of tv watching, movies and reading with a little Bingo once in a while.  I did get to read the first 2 books of the Hunger Games to entertain myself.   It was a good trip.  I love seeing my dad.

Now I am back to reality and I am not looking forward to the impending cold of New England.

Laura started school today and Tropical storm Isaac followed us up.  It was pouring rain when I dropped her off.  I’m as depressed as the weather that summer is over.  😦