I can’t believe my little girl is 8 years old.    We have a deal with her.  She can have a birthday party with her friends every other year.  In between, she gets a very low key family birthday with her choice of restaurant.   This year was the family birthday.   She was still very excited about her birthday.

On the actual day of her birthday (Thursday), we got her a cake and had her open gifts.

We got her a pair of old school roller skates.  She broke them out and skated in the basement after she blew out her candles and we all had some cake.   She was not so graceful on her skates.  The good news is that she didn’t break anything and we did not end up in the ER on her birthday!

On Friday, we took her to her requested restaurant for her birthday meal.  Yes, her favorite restaurant is Chili’s!   Is this my child?  Maybe her palate will change in a few years (wishful thinking).  Her favorite meal is the Chicken Chipotle Crispers.  I think it’s disgusting but she loves it.   

We also got her a scoop of ice cream and the wait staff came out and sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was so excited.  

We are amazed that something this simple can make her so happy.  Oh the happiness of youth!  We are already bracing for the years when she would rather go to the mall on her birthday instead of going out to dinner with her parents.  Happy birthday, my little girl who will be taller than me in a couple of years.  Just remember that I will still be your mother, no matter how tall you get!