Laura and I went on our annual pilgramage to Topsfield Fair.  We went with Darya’s family on a Saturday and it was packed.   We didn’t see all of the stuff that we usually do because of the crowds but we had a great time.  I got to stuff myself with my guilty pleasure of corndogs and kettle corn.

This is the 2,009 lb pumpkin.  That’s crazy.  It looks like a giant piece of plastic or Jabba the Hut.  

Laura held a little chick.

German fries.  These are usually crispy but this time around, it was soggy.  Disappointing but of course we ate it all.

The deep fried Kool-Aid was intriguing but I did not get it.  Had it been deep fried vodka or jagermaister, I may have taken the bait.  

We looked at some livestock.

And of course, the girls went on some rides. 

Laura and I went on the flume ride.   She has the “I’m nervous” look.

My favorite was looking at all the bunnies.  Sooo cute.  I was tempted to put this one in my pocket.  Next year, I will wear very loose clothing. 

I wanted Laura to pose with the Zombies but she was too scared and refused and even cried a little.

Instead, she went on this ride by herself.  TWICE.  Riddle me this?  She can go on death defying rides but not pose for a picture with people covered in zombie makeup?!  What is wrong with this girl?!

We watched The Flying Wallendas.   Seriously, I was nervous.  They do not use a net and they look like they are about 2 stories off the ground. When I watched this, my heart started palpatating.   The older gentleman looks like he is either in his 50s or early 60s!  This is just crazy.

We had fun and the weather was warm and sunny.