We went to Florida for a short trip.  We went down over the weekend to meet up with my husband’s friend and his family and also meet up with my husband’s family.

We arrived late on Friday night at the Boardwalk Villa.  We only had time to grab a quick dinner at ESPN and pick up these cute cupcakes.P1070091

Saturday was spent mostly at Hollywood Studios.  We took the boat from our hotel to the park.  The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny unlike New England.IMG_0571

We enjoyed a lot of these shows on the street and met up with my husband’s friend’s family.  We came to Disney in 2008 for a similar tripP1070264

Laura met up with the boys and reconnected quickly. Look how they’ve all grown.

This day was jam packed and we streamlined through most of the park.  Laura even tried out for American Idol experience and sang Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”.   She didn’t make the cut because the minimal age is 14 but I am really proud and shocked that she tried out. P1070160


Laura with her dad and Jonah and Yisrael.P1070193




By early evening, we got great seats to see Fantasmic which was really fantastic.  We were all pretty hungry so Laura was squirreling away some popcorn like a chipmunk. P1070234


We stopped to see the  Osborne Family Christmas Lights before going to Epcot to watch the nightly fireworks.

We finally got to eat dinner at 11pm at ESPN again.  Food is not good at this place but it was the only thing open.

Sunday, our family exited Disney, rented a car and drove down to Newport Richie to visit the husband’s family.  The day was spent at a birthday party and hanging out with family.

Monday, we returned to Disney and spent about 12 hours at Magic Kingdom.  It was PACKED for a Monday.

We started the day with some Chicago Style hot dogs.  Laura tried it but was not a big fan.


Magic Kingdom was not very magical.  We started with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and after waiting for 15 minutes, something malfunctioned so we had to leave.  We had a Fastpass for Splash mountain and got into line and after going in, they told us there was something wrong with the ride and we were turned away again!  The rest of the day went a little bit better but we also got kicked out of the Little Mermaid show because someone collapsed in the theatre.  Never a dull moment, folks.

This is Tom Sawyer’s island.  It was entertaining and the kids ran around a lot. P1070273

We also watched the show on Presidents.  All of the presidents were robots.P1070287

We stayed till almost midnight at Magic Kingdom.


We left on Tuesday.  It was a great short trip but jam packed.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.   Happy holidays people!


Sigh.  Back to work, reality and the cold cold weather of New England.