In mid December, Laura got ready for Christmas.  Without any encouragement, she brought her little tree down from the attic and decorated it completely by herself.  It’s a good thing because her mom really had no motivation or Christmas spirit to help out.


She also put together the gingerbread house.  She is becoming very self sufficient.P1070377



We also made some Christmas cookies because she wanted to make sure that Santa had some gingerbread cookies when he arrived at our house.  P1070401


Our humble little tree and presents.  P1070410

Here is my present that Laura made me.  Very pretty.  I love it!P1070412
We were supposed to be down in Philly early in the week but Laura and I got ill and had to delay our plans.  Instead, Laura and I drove down the day after Christmas which was not a very bright idea.   It was horrible.  9 1/2 hours of traffic, snow and sleet.  Laura also vomited in the car! 😦

The good thing is that we made it safely to Hah dah buh gee’s place.  We did a lot of running around and catching up with friends and family.

On Thursday night, we met up with my cousin, his wife and my Aunt and Uncle.  Cousin Steve chose a restaurant in Wilmington DE called Juliana’s Kitchen.   We got both kinds of ceviche and the Jalea Mixta which was all unbelievably delicious.   It was great seeing everyone and spending some time together.



The next day, Laura and I met up with Esther’s family for a quick visit and a great dinner made by Esther’s dad.P1070440

Saturday, Laura and I met up with Jackson, Simon and Oliver’s family and hung out for a few hours staying toasty by the fire while it snowed outside.P1070462

The Reginator also arrived and we hung out with the family and made a nice rib roast for dinner.  P1070466

Laura got a tattoo kit from her Ymo so she tatted everyone including her granddad.  P1070477

Don’t cross these thugs on the street!P1070482

Sunday, we went to church and then briefly visited Mom’s grave.  It was very cold and wintry. P1070486


We also dropped in on Zoey and Aaron on New Year’s eve.  Laura continued her tattooing craze. IMG_0748


We ended up crashing their friends’ New Year’s party which turned out to be very fun.  It has been a while since we have been to a party.

We welcome 2013.  Hopefully, it will be as relaxing and tranquil as this photo of Laura hanging out on the couch.    Happy New Year, everyone.P1070494