How is it that it’s almost the end of March? Is it spring?  It’s freezing and there is still tons of snow outside.    Poor blog and Laura has been ignored for too long.

This winter season has been rough with several big snow storms and a nonending cold that will not relent.    We haven’t done anything exciting and also I haven’t been very good with taking pictures.  We also have not visited Ha dah buh gee since Christmas!  We were planning a quick trip to New York and Philly over a long weekend but the weather was not cooperative.

Laura and I have been doing some mundane stuff like making dumplings.  Her dexterity is so much better now and she is a pro at making these.

This was the first big storm in early February with more than 2 feet of snow.  Not fun.  See Laura pretending to help shovel?  Yes, pretending because she held that shovel for a mere 3 seconds.   See?  She’s even pretending to be exhausted from shoveling all of 3 seconds.  IMG_0840

We did get a sledding day with Thomas.  P1070515

We also have been hanging out with Laura’s cousin, adorable funny and very talkative, Christopher.  IMG_0856

This was the second dump but we didn’t get that much. Laura did a little better at shoveling this one.  Just a little. P1070539

She also had a project at school which was a presentation on a biography.  She chose Mozart.  She made a poster and did a little presentation.  P1070544

The biggest news is that she got partial braces.  This was on March 1st.  One of her permanent teeth on the side needs to pull out because it’s being ground away by the bottom tooth.  This should only stay on for a few months.  Meanwhile, she will need to do chores for the next 40 years to pay for these.  IMG_0879

This is the next big dump of snow in early March.  It was just wrong wrong wrong.  IMG_0887

It was dense and wet so Laura and I built a little cave.  P1070550

And Laura built a little snowman.P1070560

We even had a chance to meet up with my cousin, Anna at her school.  We got a tour and went out to dinner.  IMG_0915

Finally, Laura got to go to the Father-daughter dance.  This was postponed to March 22nd due to the previous storm.  P1070562

Her girlfriends at the dance.  P1070571

On Saturday, after many many weeks or her persistent whining, we drove all the way to Burlington to get Neng Myun at Hmart.  She has been wanting this soup for a long time.  Ok, disclaimer, it’s the instant kind.  Yes, yes, I’m a terrible mother. IMG_0933