I know this is not about Laura but I’m posting this for my dad!

I went to Seoul Korea with my dad for my cousin’s wedding.  Unfortunately, it was a last minute decision so Laura did not tag along.

My dad flew out from Philly and I flew out from Boston and we met together in San Francisco to travel to Korea together.IMG_1138

We arrived at the Hilton Hotel where my cousin works.  We had breakfast every morning at the Executive Suite.  IMG_1152


We attended my cousin’s wedding.  This is his lovely parents, my uncle and aunt.  


Traditional Korean ceremony.  They are lovely.  

The next day, we were treated to an 8 course dinner at the Chinese restaurant in our hotel.


We met with my cousin’s famous girlfriend, Jun Soo Kyung. IMG_1173

Dad with my eldest aunt.  IMG_1178

We visited our late uncle Chang Ho’s gravesite.  P1070689

One of my aunt’s made lunch for us.


We had dessert at my cousin’s house.  IMG_1251

Then dad visited his elementary school.IMG_1257

We also spent time with my mom’s side of the family.IMG_1185

Street food and shopping.

My grandfather’s gravesite.


When I got home, Laura kept wearing her Hanbok.  She was probably hoping that that would bring her some Neng Myun (her favorite cold Korean noodle soup).