Nothing much is going on around here, as usual.

This is Laura dancing during a rain storm in late May.  We have been getting a lot of rain and humidity in these parts.


I took Laura and her BFF, Courtney to the Aquarium one weekend in early June.  IMG_1407





We also took a walk (she roller skated and got a blister)  at Jamaica Pond one gorgeous day.  IMG_1492

I also took her to mini golf with her buddy Kylie.IMG_1539

Laura is not so happy in this picture because she was losing.  IMG_1542

We also took a trip down to The Cape (Falmouth) for a weekend for her dad’s yearly conference.  Last year was in Chatham.  It’s like a tradition but we got hit with a tropical storm during our stay.  It was pretty chilly and windy for most of the weekend.  P1070773


The food at the hotel was awesome!

Too cold to take a dip.IMG_1562

We went to The Inn for the final dinner.  IMG_1565

Lovely rainbow after all the rain.  IMG_1568


This is a lovely photo of Laura with a stye.    We went to an open house at a tennis club in Easton.  There was a barbeque and swimming.

In early July, we visited Hah duh buh gee!  Yeah!  Thumbs up!P1070785

We met up with friends for brunch and went to this cool outdoor flea market in Philly.


We also got Rita’s water ice almost every day.

We also got a chance to visit Zoey and the gang.  IMG_1626

We bowled with my dad’s friends on their usual Monday bowling league.  IMG_1642

For the July 4th weekend, we went to Block Island to hang out with the Reginator.  We took a rough ferry ride.  P1070889

We went to The Oar for lunch after coming off the ferry.  The food was really great.   It was so good, we went back the next night.P1070894

There were gorgeous Hydrangeas all over the island.  P1070895

We hung out with The Reginator. P1070906



July 4th parade.  IMG_1658


We also did a puzzle.  IMG_1676

On Thursday, July 4th, we finally had some decent weather so Laura used her new boogie board in the water.  It was freezing cold but she stayed in for several hours.  She would come out briefly and complain that her body was numb but quickly got back into the water. P1070931

Reggie’s grandma sporting a hulk tattoo!


These kids just love ice cream.IMG_1694

Finally, last week, Laura got her braces off.