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Here’s what’s been happening in the past several months.

We visited my dad in mid August for a quick visit.


Then stopped off in Margate NJ to hang out with Zoe and Aaron.IMG_1843


In late August, we came down to visit my sister at her work and spent the day in NYC before going down to my dad’s again.  IMG_1864


We hung out with the Reginator too.  IMG_1871We went to church and then visited my mom’s grave.IMG_1878

We also went bowling on Monday with my dad’s gang of friends and then dinner at one of his friend’s house.   Big steaks!IMG_1884

Laura’s first day of school.  3rd grade.IMG_1893

We also went to the Mattapan Community Health center Fair one Saturday.  They had activities for kids and her dad participated in the fair.  IMG_1911

Early September, Laura decided that she wanted to start on her costume for Halloween.  Yes, that is how we roll in this family.  We got all the supplies for her costume and got to work. P1080043

I just hope that some day, she will actually want a costume that is somewhat original.  Unfortunately, she has already decided to be a vampire for next year’s costume.  BORING!P1080048

She had her 9th birthday party at Sky Zone which is an indoor trampoline place.  We invited all the girls from her 3rd grade class.  IMG_1938




In October, for my birthday, this was her gift to me.  I am a “lucky chum”.IMG_2051

I also visited her for the first time for “Gradparents’ Day” at her school.  IMG_2067

In mid October over the Columbus Day weekend.  We had a few guests stay with us.  Her aunt Penny.P1080052

And my cousin’s daughter, Bomie.  Laura showed them how to work on the Rainbow loom.  P1080061

We also carved some pumpkins.   Guest appearances by her aunt Averill and cousin Christopher!P1080071




In mid December, Laura got ready for Christmas.  Without any encouragement, she brought her little tree down from the attic and decorated it completely by herself.  It’s a good thing because her mom really had no motivation or Christmas spirit to help out.


She also put together the gingerbread house.  She is becoming very self sufficient.P1070377



We also made some Christmas cookies because she wanted to make sure that Santa had some gingerbread cookies when he arrived at our house.  P1070401


Our humble little tree and presents.  P1070410

Here is my present that Laura made me.  Very pretty.  I love it!P1070412
We were supposed to be down in Philly early in the week but Laura and I got ill and had to delay our plans.  Instead, Laura and I drove down the day after Christmas which was not a very bright idea.   It was horrible.  9 1/2 hours of traffic, snow and sleet.  Laura also vomited in the car! 😦

The good thing is that we made it safely to Hah dah buh gee’s place.  We did a lot of running around and catching up with friends and family.

On Thursday night, we met up with my cousin, his wife and my Aunt and Uncle.  Cousin Steve chose a restaurant in Wilmington DE called Juliana’s Kitchen.   We got both kinds of ceviche and the Jalea Mixta which was all unbelievably delicious.   It was great seeing everyone and spending some time together.



The next day, Laura and I met up with Esther’s family for a quick visit and a great dinner made by Esther’s dad.P1070440

Saturday, Laura and I met up with Jackson, Simon and Oliver’s family and hung out for a few hours staying toasty by the fire while it snowed outside.P1070462

The Reginator also arrived and we hung out with the family and made a nice rib roast for dinner.  P1070466

Laura got a tattoo kit from her Ymo so she tatted everyone including her granddad.  P1070477

Don’t cross these thugs on the street!P1070482

Sunday, we went to church and then briefly visited Mom’s grave.  It was very cold and wintry. P1070486


We also dropped in on Zoey and Aaron on New Year’s eve.  Laura continued her tattooing craze. IMG_0748


We ended up crashing their friends’ New Year’s party which turned out to be very fun.  It has been a while since we have been to a party.

We welcome 2013.  Hopefully, it will be as relaxing and tranquil as this photo of Laura hanging out on the couch.    Happy New Year, everyone.P1070494

Last weekend, we entertained family from Laura’s dad’s side.   I introduced them to some Korean food which was only a marginal success.

This weekend, we went to China Pearl for dim sum with Thomas’ family for his dad’s upcoming birthday.   We then did a 6 mile walk to the Arnold Arboretum to walk off all the calories we ate.

We first passed some spooky houses in our neighborhood.

Then we enjoyed the fall weather and the foliage.

The view of Boston from the peak at Peter’s Hill.

The kids did a little rock climbing.

On Sunday, after swim class, Laura wanted to carve her pumpkin.

Put some elbow grease into it, girl!

Good job, Laura!

We are awaiting Hurricane Sandy.  We just found out that Laura does not have school tomorrow.  😦

I can’t believe my little girl is 8 years old.    We have a deal with her.  She can have a birthday party with her friends every other year.  In between, she gets a very low key family birthday with her choice of restaurant.   This year was the family birthday.   She was still very excited about her birthday.

On the actual day of her birthday (Thursday), we got her a cake and had her open gifts.

We got her a pair of old school roller skates.  She broke them out and skated in the basement after she blew out her candles and we all had some cake.   She was not so graceful on her skates.  The good news is that she didn’t break anything and we did not end up in the ER on her birthday!

On Friday, we took her to her requested restaurant for her birthday meal.  Yes, her favorite restaurant is Chili’s!   Is this my child?  Maybe her palate will change in a few years (wishful thinking).  Her favorite meal is the Chicken Chipotle Crispers.  I think it’s disgusting but she loves it.   

We also got her a scoop of ice cream and the wait staff came out and sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was so excited.  

We are amazed that something this simple can make her so happy.  Oh the happiness of youth!  We are already bracing for the years when she would rather go to the mall on her birthday instead of going out to dinner with her parents.  Happy birthday, my little girl who will be taller than me in a couple of years.  Just remember that I will still be your mother, no matter how tall you get!

Before going to Philly, I picked some tomatoes from my garden.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I wish they tasted as good as they look.  It’s tomatoey tasting, somewhat acid with lots of seeds.  Not like Jersey tomatoes.  They must inject Jersey tomatoes with sugar or crack or something.  

We left on Thursday night and arrived late into New York to spend the night at Reggie’s.  The next morning, we said hello and goodbye!  We had breakfast and then made our trek to Philly.  It took 4 hours to get from NY to Philly due to Labor day traffic.  Ugh.

I craved Korean food so my dad took us to his favorite Korean restaurant.

Lovely Banchan.

My hot stone bowl of Bibimbop with carmelized rice from the bowl.  Yummy delicious.

Dad ate Bone Marrow soup.  Blech.

And Laura got cold noodle soup: Neng Myun.

We also took a trip to HMart and bought lots of crap.  Dad also got new glasses while Laura slurped on her disgusting Icee.

My grandmother bought this Hanbok for Laura.  It’s gorgeous so we did a little photo shoot.  She even did her own hair.

We also visited my mom’s grave after church on Sunday.  We brought some flowers that my sister left for us.  We miss you, mom.

On Monday, we went bowling with my dad’s bowling group.  We played for 2 hours and my wrist was killing me.  Laura had a good time but both of us played pretty badly.

The rest of our time in Philly was a washout.  Tropical storm Isaac made a visit with ongoing rain for the next few days so there was a lot of tv watching, movies and reading with a little Bingo once in a while.  I did get to read the first 2 books of the Hunger Games to entertain myself.   It was a good trip.  I love seeing my dad.

Now I am back to reality and I am not looking forward to the impending cold of New England.

Laura started school today and Tropical storm Isaac followed us up.  It was pouring rain when I dropped her off.  I’m as depressed as the weather that summer is over.  😦


Tornado Reggie became a 1 year old.   Laura and I drove down to New Jersey for his birthday at his grandmother’s house.  This little boy is the cutest but completely into everything that he shouldn’t be.  Look at the innocent face!  Totally not!

His dad’s scolding does nothing to deter him.

For his first birthday, my sister prepared doljanchi to predict his future.

The first item that he chose was money.

Then he grabbed the knife.  I’m thinking: ASSASSIN or MERCENARY as his future occupation!

Happy birthday, my little chubby cutey pie nephew!

It has been a long time since I have last blogged.  I guess I have not been taking as many pictures but also life gets in the way.

In early December, the family went down to visit Mr. D (or Papi as Laura would call him).   We thought we would see him before he passed but that was not meant to be.  Mr. D passed away on Dec. 5 from cancer.  We arrived in Florida for his funeral.

Laura got to spend some time with Janise.

The funeral was beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Mr. D’s life.  He was truly a giving and an incredible person.

The time was bittersweet.  It was good to see family and spend time together but with heavy heart.