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We had a surprise birthday party for my dad in mid October.  He didn’t suspect a thing, even when his sisters from Korea decided to come for a visit.  P1080093

My dad with his 2 younger sisters and brother in law.P1080096

Big banner my sister made for the party. DSC_3948

My dad gave a small speech of appreciation.DSC_3935

My dad with my cousin and her husband from Texas.  DSC_3942

I am squeezed between 2 Jims!  DSC_3951



Family photo.P1080140

My dad with his friends. P1080145


P1080156     P1080176

The next day, we went to Minado with our immediate family before heading back home.




Nothing much is going on around here, as usual.

This is Laura dancing during a rain storm in late May.  We have been getting a lot of rain and humidity in these parts.


I took Laura and her BFF, Courtney to the Aquarium one weekend in early June.  IMG_1407





We also took a walk (she roller skated and got a blister)  at Jamaica Pond one gorgeous day.  IMG_1492

I also took her to mini golf with her buddy Kylie.IMG_1539

Laura is not so happy in this picture because she was losing.  IMG_1542

We also took a trip down to The Cape (Falmouth) for a weekend for her dad’s yearly conference.  Last year was in Chatham.  It’s like a tradition but we got hit with a tropical storm during our stay.  It was pretty chilly and windy for most of the weekend.  P1070773


The food at the hotel was awesome!

Too cold to take a dip.IMG_1562

We went to The Inn for the final dinner.  IMG_1565

Lovely rainbow after all the rain.  IMG_1568


This is a lovely photo of Laura with a stye.    We went to an open house at a tennis club in Easton.  There was a barbeque and swimming.

In early July, we visited Hah duh buh gee!  Yeah!  Thumbs up!P1070785

We met up with friends for brunch and went to this cool outdoor flea market in Philly.


We also got Rita’s water ice almost every day.

We also got a chance to visit Zoey and the gang.  IMG_1626

We bowled with my dad’s friends on their usual Monday bowling league.  IMG_1642

For the July 4th weekend, we went to Block Island to hang out with the Reginator.  We took a rough ferry ride.  P1070889

We went to The Oar for lunch after coming off the ferry.  The food was really great.   It was so good, we went back the next night.P1070894

There were gorgeous Hydrangeas all over the island.  P1070895

We hung out with The Reginator. P1070906



July 4th parade.  IMG_1658


We also did a puzzle.  IMG_1676

On Thursday, July 4th, we finally had some decent weather so Laura used her new boogie board in the water.  It was freezing cold but she stayed in for several hours.  She would come out briefly and complain that her body was numb but quickly got back into the water. P1070931

Reggie’s grandma sporting a hulk tattoo!


These kids just love ice cream.IMG_1694

Finally, last week, Laura got her braces off.


I know this is not about Laura but I’m posting this for my dad!

I went to Seoul Korea with my dad for my cousin’s wedding.  Unfortunately, it was a last minute decision so Laura did not tag along.

My dad flew out from Philly and I flew out from Boston and we met together in San Francisco to travel to Korea together.IMG_1138

We arrived at the Hilton Hotel where my cousin works.  We had breakfast every morning at the Executive Suite.  IMG_1152


We attended my cousin’s wedding.  This is his lovely parents, my uncle and aunt.  


Traditional Korean ceremony.  They are lovely.  

The next day, we were treated to an 8 course dinner at the Chinese restaurant in our hotel.


We met with my cousin’s famous girlfriend, Jun Soo Kyung. IMG_1173

Dad with my eldest aunt.  IMG_1178

We visited our late uncle Chang Ho’s gravesite.  P1070689

One of my aunt’s made lunch for us.


We had dessert at my cousin’s house.  IMG_1251

Then dad visited his elementary school.IMG_1257

We also spent time with my mom’s side of the family.IMG_1185

Street food and shopping.

My grandfather’s gravesite.


When I got home, Laura kept wearing her Hanbok.  She was probably hoping that that would bring her some Neng Myun (her favorite cold Korean noodle soup).


How is it that it’s almost the end of March? Is it spring?  It’s freezing and there is still tons of snow outside.    Poor blog and Laura has been ignored for too long.

This winter season has been rough with several big snow storms and a nonending cold that will not relent.    We haven’t done anything exciting and also I haven’t been very good with taking pictures.  We also have not visited Ha dah buh gee since Christmas!  We were planning a quick trip to New York and Philly over a long weekend but the weather was not cooperative.

Laura and I have been doing some mundane stuff like making dumplings.  Her dexterity is so much better now and she is a pro at making these.

This was the first big storm in early February with more than 2 feet of snow.  Not fun.  See Laura pretending to help shovel?  Yes, pretending because she held that shovel for a mere 3 seconds.   See?  She’s even pretending to be exhausted from shoveling all of 3 seconds.  IMG_0840

We did get a sledding day with Thomas.  P1070515

We also have been hanging out with Laura’s cousin, adorable funny and very talkative, Christopher.  IMG_0856

This was the second dump but we didn’t get that much. Laura did a little better at shoveling this one.  Just a little. P1070539

She also had a project at school which was a presentation on a biography.  She chose Mozart.  She made a poster and did a little presentation.  P1070544

The biggest news is that she got partial braces.  This was on March 1st.  One of her permanent teeth on the side needs to pull out because it’s being ground away by the bottom tooth.  This should only stay on for a few months.  Meanwhile, she will need to do chores for the next 40 years to pay for these.  IMG_0879

This is the next big dump of snow in early March.  It was just wrong wrong wrong.  IMG_0887

It was dense and wet so Laura and I built a little cave.  P1070550

And Laura built a little snowman.P1070560

We even had a chance to meet up with my cousin, Anna at her school.  We got a tour and went out to dinner.  IMG_0915

Finally, Laura got to go to the Father-daughter dance.  This was postponed to March 22nd due to the previous storm.  P1070562

Her girlfriends at the dance.  P1070571

On Saturday, after many many weeks or her persistent whining, we drove all the way to Burlington to get Neng Myun at Hmart.  She has been wanting this soup for a long time.  Ok, disclaimer, it’s the instant kind.  Yes, yes, I’m a terrible mother. IMG_0933

Laura and I went down to Philly to have Thanksgiving with my dad and our family.  We arrived late on Tuesday night.  Wednesday was spent grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and prepping.  We ended up buying a frozen turkey so it got brined in the bathtub overnight. 

On Thanksgiving day, Laura got dressed up for dinner and hung out with Hah duh buh gee before everyone arrived.

My sister, her husband and the Regginator arrived.  She kept a watchful eye on him.

My brother arrived later in the afternoon just before turkey dinner was served.  Dad opened up a bottle of wine.  Laura had the the biggest glass (of sparkling apple cider).

Reggie’s dad apparently likes mashed potatoes.  A. LOT.

Reggie ate dinner with us for all of 5 minutes.

Then he stuffed himself into the freezer.

Laura loves her baby cousin.

Everyone shipped out by Friday and I had my 25th high school reunion.  The next day was spent hanging out in our jammies, watching tv and playing Bingo.  Laura won the jackpot!

I am so thankful for my family.   I am thankful that my dad is still with me.  My mother’s absence was everywhere when I was cooking this year.  I always feel her most during this time because she would be doing most of the cooking and I know we would have been shuffling around in that tiny kitchen getting in each other’s way.  I miss her so much.

If you know me, you know what a complainer/whiner I am but under that exterior I feel that I am truly blessed with my life.  There have been struggles and definite losses but I’m at a point in my life where I am happy with the person that I am and finally at peace with the choices I have made in my life.  I wish I could live in the moment more often but life is just zipping past us.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


Laura and I went on our annual pilgramage to Topsfield Fair.  We went with Darya’s family on a Saturday and it was packed.   We didn’t see all of the stuff that we usually do because of the crowds but we had a great time.  I got to stuff myself with my guilty pleasure of corndogs and kettle corn.

This is the 2,009 lb pumpkin.  That’s crazy.  It looks like a giant piece of plastic or Jabba the Hut.  

Laura held a little chick.

German fries.  These are usually crispy but this time around, it was soggy.  Disappointing but of course we ate it all.

The deep fried Kool-Aid was intriguing but I did not get it.  Had it been deep fried vodka or jagermaister, I may have taken the bait.  

We looked at some livestock.

And of course, the girls went on some rides. 

Laura and I went on the flume ride.   She has the “I’m nervous” look.

My favorite was looking at all the bunnies.  Sooo cute.  I was tempted to put this one in my pocket.  Next year, I will wear very loose clothing. 

I wanted Laura to pose with the Zombies but she was too scared and refused and even cried a little.

Instead, she went on this ride by herself.  TWICE.  Riddle me this?  She can go on death defying rides but not pose for a picture with people covered in zombie makeup?!  What is wrong with this girl?!

We watched The Flying Wallendas.   Seriously, I was nervous.  They do not use a net and they look like they are about 2 stories off the ground. When I watched this, my heart started palpatating.   The older gentleman looks like he is either in his 50s or early 60s!  This is just crazy.

We had fun and the weather was warm and sunny.

Laura and I have seen a few of these painted rabbits around town so I did some investigating and found out that it is a Dedham Public Art Project.   So because we have nothing better to do and it was a nice day out, we decided to find all 15 bunnies.  We found the locations of the rabbits online and then drove around all day finding them and looking like dorks snapping pictures.  We also did a few errands along the way so it wasn’t a complete waste!