I was obsessed with making this French version of Shepard’s Pie called Hachis Parmentier after hearing a story on NPR with Dorie Greenspan.  The recipe is from her book Around My French Table.  It takes a long time to make this recipe and lots of pots and pans.  I included the vegetables and even added some baby peas at the end.

Doesn’t it look so delicious?  Unfortunately, I give it an “eh” for taste.  It was just ok.  I guess in the end, I am just not a big fan of sweat Italian sausage.  It was too overpowering and dominated the flavor.  I think making my own meat base would be better for me.  Maybe I should just use ground turkey.  I know, the French would probably be aghast!

After coming right out of the oven, Laura and I both burned our tongues on this.  Her father tried the beef/sausage combo and didn’t like it so he didn’t want one.  She ate maybe 1/3 of it.  I had another serving the next day which seems to be better but again, eh.

The family has been sick.  Laura got her cold early in the week and her dad and I got hit with it on Saturday.  I raked the leaves on Saturday with Laura (she was actually helpful!) then we just stayed inside and was miserable all day drinking gallons of ginger honey tea that I made.

Sunday was no better.  Laura did not go to her swim class and I didn’t even go to tennis!  Hopefully, this will run its course quickly.