Laura helped me make the Baklava.  Making Baklava is truly a labor of love.  It’s also mind boggling how much butter and sugar is involved in this treat.  No wonder I love it so much.  Butter each layer, Laura!

Walnut layer.

Filo nightmare.  It’s a shame because there was something wrong with the second box and I lost several layers.  The horror.

Into the oven for almost 2 hours.

I found Laura sitting under the table cutting up a box.

I asked her what it was for and she said “A puppet show!” and she gave us a puppet show for a whole 2 minutes.  Thanks for the entertainment, little girl.

We also made gingerbread cookies too.  Notice Laura’s outfit?  We made the baklava on Friday and Laura is wearing the same outfit on Saturday.  I decided to go to Target and I bouth 2 other colors in this sweater because she loves it so much.  I guess you will see black and orange in heavy rotation for the rest of the winter too.

Don’t worry, Ymo.  We won’t send this one to you.  She was licking off the excess frosting. She ate the messed up ones.